About Us

David Hess founded RKP Steering Group 7 years ago after he saw a time gap within the telecommunications industry where his 25 plus years of experience could be used to help others succeed. Through his experiences, he has worked throughout the world and very aggressively across the United states as well. In his efforts, he has built up relations in almost every country and has worked with the leading vendors in the industry. While his heart and fire comes from the entrepreneurial spirit of building companies and developing growth plans for small businesses, he also uniquely crosses over with large company experience and disciplines from his executive level roles in some of largest communication companies in the world.

Throughout his history in the communications industry he successfully worked across a wide array of technology segments including Video, VoIP, Mobile, Satellite, Wireless and Internet (IP). This comprehensive knowledge includes operational and sales proficiency in retail, wholesale , maritime and calling card businesses. He concludes his managerial understanding in the communications industry with leadership roles in turn- around projects, funding raising efforts and complimentary success in merger and acquisition transactions.

Jim Rose a seasoned professional has been a part of RKP since day one and shared many experiences with Mr. Hess operating in roles ranging from COO, CIO and many other titles running the operations in facility based communications companies. His analytical operation skills are supreme and are joined with his telecom networking knowledge that has been successfully earned throughout the world.

RKP gained it reputation working with leading carriers of the world, as well as the emerging companies. Through it leadership, knowledge and experience they have successfully advised many companies to higher ground. The reach and depth of professional mangers has allowed them to assist in a wide verity of companies all over the world.